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    Projects appear below by category. These may change at any time and range from quick experiments to more careful design & development. I also do cool things at work but they're described elsewhere.

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    Neo Vs The Mask

    Neo Vs The Mask

    An original web game where you control Neo's hand.




    Interactive House explorer

    Historic House Explorer

    Interactive webapp to increase awareness of an historic house.




    Rock God Pose app

    Rock God Pose

    A fun webapp built on AI and body pose. Featured on Codrops!




  • AI and Intelligent Systems

    Neo Vs The Mask

    Neo Vs The Mask

    An original game built for laptop, Chromebook or tablet (requires a front-facing camera) in which you control Neo's hand with your own and you must dispel bullets from a surprising enemy. Built on Tensorflow.js, hand tracking, HTML5, and more. Play it in your browser now!




    Rock God Pose app

    Rock God Pose

    An original web app - built on AI, machine learning, body pose estimation, and HTML5 - that challenges you to strike a pose resembling that of various classic rock superstars. Featured on the Codrops roundup of cool apps. See the app on Amazon CloudFront.





    Senti*mentalist* Avatar

    In this silly sentiment-analysis experiment, an avatar responds to the tone of your inputted text (or choose a famous poem or speech). You can even paste in your own poem and see what emotions are evoked by it.  See it on Amazon CloudFront.




  • Data Visualization

    Show me the Button!

    "My Button's Bigger"

    A bombastic tweet by the POTUS is embodied in a nervously lighthearted web experiment. See it on Amazon CloudFront.




    verbal filler

    It's, like, Verbal Filler

    A lighthearted data visualization examining usage of the filler word "like" in several popular spoken-word podcasts such as "Fresh Air" and "Bon Appetit". See it on Amazon CloudFront.




    Tweetstorm over Rushmore '17

    Tweetstorm over Rushmore

    An irreverent, 3d, cartoon-like, data visualization of tweets and retweets made by the POTUS, spanning several years of Twitter activity. See it on Amazon CloudFront.




  • Tech-centric Community Service

    Interactive House explorer

    Interactive Historic House Explorer

    I designed and deployed a fun interactive website to increase community awareness of an historic house in my Village. In collaboration with a local preservation coalition, architect, and historian. Explore the house now!




    Upper Nyack 150

    A Village Celebrates its 150th!

    I am leading technology and outreach for my Village's 150th celebration (coming in 2022), building interactive & community features like historical maps & photos! See it here.




    Nyack Flash Sketch Mob Web Archive

    I created an interactive archive of a creative community event called the "Flash Sketch Mob". Check out the interactive website which correlates sketches to their architectural subjects along the streets of Nyack, NY.

  • Photography and Web Design


    An experiment in book cover design using my own original photo-illustrations as source material. See it on Google Cloud platform.



    A creative experiment in web design, typography and photography involving photo-illustrations of southern California. See it on Amazon CloudFront.




    Village Nights

    Village Nights

    Glowy, colorful, and lonely, high-dynamic-range photographs taken during eerily quiet months of 2020. See them on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.




  • Web, VR and Interactive

    Tennis Scoring App

    A simple responsive app coded up to teach my (then grade-school) daughter to properly score tennis games. Play it on Google Cloud Platform.




    Parallax Web Dioramas

    Multi-layered web "dioramas" featuring text from Shakespearean sonnets that bring life to urban scenes. Confused? Go see it on Google Cloud platform.




    Enter VJ Day

    Enter the V-J Day Kiss

    A multi-modal web experiment that uses parallax to give a static (but famous) photograph a new sense of flow and space. See it on Google Cloud platform.




    Gene's Cloister

    WebVR "Art-Garden"

    An immersive, zen-like, WebVR (Virtual Reality for the web) experience in which you can wander around a peaceful garden and enjoy artworks. See it on Amazon CloudFront.




    Graffiti Signature Experiment

    Interactive Graffiti Signature

    "Beautify" a stark concrete wall with your custom "tag" (signature) in this whimsical, interactive, web experiment. See it on Amazon CloudFront.





    FIG: Audio and Logo Webapp for a Funk Band

    An experiment in both web design and original graphic logo design results in this interactive web experiment and features the original music of FIG, a cool funk band. See it on Amazon CloudFront.





    "Lost Audio Tapes" - Retro Site with an 80's Look-and-Feel

    An amusing retro website to showcase "found audio" snippets of a (real!) late-80's college band. Features tape cassette-quality audio, fun interactions, and responsive design. See it on Microsoft Azure.




  • Profiles and Other

    Other external profiles and places.

    Graphics Magazine (Facebook)

    Founder and maintainer of @creativeinterfaces . A place on Facebook to see cool and creative uses of computer graphics. I also conceived and launched a similarly themed academic journal.

    GitHub Pages

    GitHub Pages

    GitHub personal page displaying a whimsical 3D webapp (built to illustrate a variety of three.js features). You can interact with the webapp, or view the code repository.

    Flickr Photos Collection

    Original photos, photo-illustrations, and experiments spanning several years and many countries. See them in a Flickr Album.

    Co-authored Textbook on Mobile Computing

    "The Fabric of Mobile Services". Written some time ago (with Loeb and Panagos) but still holds some wisdom. Get it on Amazon. Other work also available on Amazon.




    Udacity VR Developer Profile

    Summary of the virtual reality experiments I developed during completing of Udacity-Google VR Nanodegree. Aside: I am also a co-inventor on several patents related to VR systems and methods, and co-author of peer-reviewed papers on same.

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    Three.js Journey (3d Programming)
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